Iowa Women for Progressive Change (IWPC) PAC seeks to build a more equitable Iowa by shifting power to a more diverse group of leaders committed to ending the systems that uphold racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, religious oppression, ableism, classism and all other forms of discrimination.

IWPC PAC will endorse candidates running for public office at the state or local level in the state of Iowa committed to our mission. However, priority may be placed on supporting people currently and historically underrepresented including but not limited to those who identify as women, non-white, LGBTQ and/or other marginalized identities.

Endorsement means that the PAC will publicly support and promote the candidate and activate a network of volunteers who can provide field and other in-kind volunteer services.

Endorsement does not necessarily mean that the PAC will provide a financial donation. This is a separate decision made each cycle based on availability of funds and the pool of candidates who apply.


We are now accepting endorsement applications for the 2019 general elections.

Candidates running in State or local general elections for 2019 can apply for endorsement and funding. Interested candidates should complete the online endorsement form to be considered. The form must be completed by September 20, 2019, decisions will be made by September 23rd, 2019.


2018 Primary endorsed candidates

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