Iowa Women for Progressive Change PAC seeks to support progressive women, particularly those from marginalized populations, running for state and local office in the state of Iowa. Because we are focused on expanding the number of women putting their names on the ballot, we weigh progressive values and commitment to causes more heavily than viability in the race. Anyone who identifies as a progressive woman can apply for endorsement. Endorsement means that the PAC will publicly support the candidate and activate a network of volunteers who can provide field and other in-kind volunteer services. Our PAC seeks to help women overcome their unique barriers to running for office including a need for support networks and help balancing responsibilities at home. Endorsement does not necessarily mean that the PAC will provide a donation. This is a separate decision made each cycle based on availability of funds and the pool of candidates who apply.

Endorsement Process
Candidates apply for endorsement by completing the candidate questionnaire below by the cycle deadline. Candidates being considered for donations may be asked to answer further questions and/or participate in an interview with PAC board members.

Who can apply for an endorsement?
Anyone who identifies progressive woman running for state or local office in Iowa including school board, county office, city council, state legislature and statewide offices. We will consider endorsements both during the primary and general election phases.

How and when can candidates apply for an endorsement?
Candidates can apply for endorsement at any time. The PAC board meets quarterly to make endorsement and funding decisions. For Fall 2017 local elections, applications are due August 11th and decisions will be made by August 22nd.

What happens after endorsement?
Following each endorsement cycle we will contact candidates about decisions on endorsement and on funding and in-kind support. It is also our goal to engage candidates during and/or after their elections in PAC education events and support for other candidates.

To be considered for endorsement, please complete this form.