Three years ago a group of progressive women in Des Moines decided to start a Facebook group to share their thoughts and ideas about politics and policy. Iowa Women for Progressive Change quickly grew to include over 400 women in an online discussion and action community. Last spring, amid the contentious election, many in the group felt the call to do more and began planning educational events including one in the fall on racial justice and equity. This week the group announced the next phase of its mission with the launch of the Iowa Women for Progressive Change Political Action Committee (IWPC PAC).

We are currently seeking board members. Contact if you are interested or to nominate someone!

2017 Board of Directors

Luana Nelson-Brown – Co-Chair                           Jessica Taylor Erwin – Co-Chair

Kyrstin Shelley – Communications                        Emily Shields – Treasurer

Kelly Davydov                                                        Andrea Dencklau

Jenna Hammond                                                    Sonia Reyes-Snyder

Jenn Riggs